Mesoderm INTENSIVE Acne Patch



Mesoderm RX is an near-invisible 100% vegan hydrocolloid!

Mesoderm RX Acne Intensive Patch speeds up the healing process for acne by creating a protective (yet breathable!) barrier.  This barrier absorbs impurities and secretions beneath the skin in a gentle, safe and quick way.



Mesoderm RX Acne Intensive Patch

Has unique beveled edges fit more securely than many other acne patch iterations, developed particularly to adhere in the curved areas of the face, like the chin, jawline and nose. The patch adheres easily and quickly, barely visible to others (especially on Zoom calls) and protects acne from external bacteria or face-picking.


About this item

  • DIMINISH PIMPLES WITH MESODERM RX  ACNE INTENSIVE PATCH.  Acne INTENSIVE  PATCH will REDUCE your pimples overnight and naturally replenish your blemished skin! It SIMPLY speeds up the process of ELIMINATING those unwanted pimples


  • REJUVENATE YOUR SKIN - ACNE INTENSIVE PATCHES are made of the highest quality ingredients and are of the most advance produced hydrocolloid patches that HEAL ACNE while minimizing scar tissue and spots!


  • EASY APPLICATION - ACNE INTENSIVE PATCHES blend in perfectly with all skin tones and all skin types - you can even apply them at nighttime or daytime whichever your preference.


  • THE BEST ACNE SOLUTION FOR YOUR SKIN - ACNE INTENSIVE PATCHES actively absorbs acne forming bacteria and excess sebum ( facial oil)


  • CONTENTS 72  PATCHES, 2 SIZES – Included 10mm, (36) 12mm & (36) patches to heal acne blemishes fast and reduce swelling! 


  • APPROVED BY EXPERTS -  Medical Experts reviewed, tested, approved, and recommend MESODERM RX ACNE INTENSIVE PATCHES to everyone! 


  • PUTS A STOP TO PICKING YOUR SKIN - MESODERM RX ANCE INTENSIVE PATCH  is proud to be presented as a vegan, cruelty-free, fragrance-free, paraben-free, and sulfate-free product of the highest quality, that helps you to reduce your pimples faster.


  • CREATED  FOR ALL SKIN TYPES AND SKIN TONES - ACNE INTENSIVE PATCH  is produced with the highest grade hydrocolloid material and the most POTENT ACTIVE INGREDIENTS so you can be sure of an effective Anti-acne patch that will yield results and will make your pimples less noticeable while wearing it!


  • DESIGNED FOR EASY USE - MESODERM RX ACNE INTENSIVE PATCHES are produced to be easy to use and come in a beautifully made resealable pouch so you can take it wherever you go.




  • HOW TO USE -   (1) Clean and dry the affected area before applying. (2) Apply the ACNE INTENSIVE PATCH on the blemish gently press onto the skin. (3) Leave on for at least 6-8 hours - once removed discard and apply a new patch Caution: For external use only.  Keep out of reach of children.



With its combination of 10mm and 12mm sizes, the Acne Intensive Patch is a perfect solution for acne of all types and sizes, including hormonal acne and cystic acne. With a fully clear pimple patch, it blends into skin tones of all types for a seamless, discrete appearance. The resealable, dual layered protective film keeps patches clean and sealed.


Great for all skin types, tones and lifestyles. You never know when you might need one!

This product is vegan and cruelty free, and is formulated with a Maximum Slim standard of quality.