Hydravital Factor K

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Mesoestetic Hydra-Vital Factor K


Ultra-moisturizing cream especially indicated for restoring smoothness and elasticity to dry skin types. Its exclusive formulation maintains the hydration of the stratum corneum and replenishes the hydrolipidic film. It ensures protection of the skin against external aggressions, neutralizing the free radicals responsible for premature aging.

Mesoestetic Hydra-Vital Factor K has been specially designed to take daily care of dry skin or temporarily parched skin by the effect of certain treatments.

Mesoestetic Hydra-Vital Factor K can keep the outermost skin's layer hydrated and protected. Another of its ingredients, creates a protective film on the skin which prevents moisture loss through skin tissue.

The use of Mesoestetic Hydra-Vital Factor K provides regeneration of the hydrolipidic mantle, which is the natural protective and lubricating layer of the skin. The surface layer serves as a protective barrier against external aggressions, in order to neutralize free radicals which, cause premature aging of the skin.

Due to the mentioned properties, the use of Mesoestetic Hydra-Vital Factor K is essential after the completion of treatment with certain products such as Mesoestetic Dermamelan (or Dermamelan Pack), Mesoestetic Cosmelan or (Cosmelan Pack) and Mesoestetic Mesoeclat.

How to use:

Morning & Night

Apply Mesoestetic Hydra-Vital Factor K on clean and toned skin, in the morning and in the evening, using a gentle, circular massage on the face, neck and chest, until the product is completely absorbed.

In the morning, complement the treatment by applying moisturizing sunscreen. As a maintenance for dry skin, apply twice a day is recommended; 3 times a day in very dry climates.

It is recommended to use during the day with Moisturizing Sun Protection SPF50+ in conjunction with Mesoestetic Hydra-Vital Factor K to ensure efficient photoprotection. Lack of sun protection reduces the effectiveness of the treatment.

Product Recommendation:

Recommended for all skin type, avoid acne prone skin.